The Goldenrod Project

2007 Grand Aurora Winner

Projects by MyGreenBuildings have received regional and national awards throughout our history. This prototype green rebuild transformed a 1,000 square-foot postwar two-bedroom/one-bath block-home into a 2,100 square-foot three-bedroom/three-bath energy-efficient luxury home. The Goldenrod received the Southeast Building Conference's 2007 Grand Aurora Award. In 2008, MyGreenBuildings received the National Professional Remodeler of the Year Award for Whole-House Green Remodel.

Sarasota Homes and LifestylesFlorida's first certified "green" remodel is a prototype for sustainable design. "When Grant Castilow and Steve Ellis began to remodel the house, they did not anticipate the attention the project would bring. Nor did they realize MyGreenBuildings would set a benchmark for "green" remodeling. And not just in Sarasota - in the entire state." Read Full Article >>

  • Guest Bath
    Guest Bath
  • Guest Bedroom
    Guest Bedroom
  • Guest Bedroom 2
    Guest Bedroom 2
  • Master Bath
    Master Bath
  • Master-Bath Vanity and Floating Window
    Master-Bath Vanity and Floating Window
  • Master Bedroom
    Master Bedroom
  • Master Bedroom 2
    Master Bedroom 2
  • Office
  • Office 2
    Office 2
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