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MyGreenBuildings Brand Licensing and Business Process Consulting

Information coming soon on how to build your local business with the MyGreenBuildings Brand

Click on this link to meet Steve Ellis and Grant Castilow of MyGreenBuildings

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"Growing a national brand with passionate, solid contractors behind it builds value for all that participate!"
- Steve Ellis








The MyGreenBuildings brand and business-process licensing program is for builders who want to remain independent, are driven by their craft, passionate about their business and…

ü  want to gain their share of the exploding green market

ü  see value in participating in stronger local and farther reaching marketing efforts

ü  love what they do but not the necessarily the sales, marketing and processes required to develop and manage the business

ü  want a successful marketing and business coach and a network of best-practices to help them solve problems

ü  whose company growth has stalled and need a plan for improvement

ü  want to match with investors to create a rewarding business

ü  want to build green, high-performance homes

Interested builders should contact Steve Ellis to lear more at 941-366-7280.

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